How Tecnoma’s ‘Localized’ Spraying Solution Works

Precision spraying is a major factor in ensuring optimum crop protection while protecting the environment. By spraying only weeds, you can avoid stressing healthy plants and guarantee yields, while limiting the use of plant protection products.

Tecnoma has worked with experts in drone and satellite image detection and capture, and has adapted its own control algorithm to incorporate the high-resolution maps produced. Areas of weeds in the rows are accurately detected by the sprayer for targeted weed control.



There’s no need to equip your sprayer with expensive cameras: all Tecnoma machines are prepared to receive maps in standard shape (SHP) or ISOXML format. The map is produced by an independent service provider who collects all the data by drone or satellite. This data is analyzed to produce a precise map of the infested areas.

Once the recommendation map has been created, the plot files are integrated and the Tecnoma control algorithm automatically manages spraying in on/off mode and section cuts according to the areas to be treated. Spraying is targeted solely at the areas of weeds detected beforehand, with a high level of efficiency.

Localized treatment allows significant savings in phytosanitary products, which can range from 40 to 60% depending on the level of infestation, while guaranteeing effective treatment. The use of plot files is a fast, economical and effective response to the environmental challenges facing farmers. By reducing inputs, crops are less stressed and plant growth and yields are preserved.

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