AgriTech Business Aerobotics Releases New Yield Management Platform

With the release of its new yield management tools, AgriTech business Aerobotics’ growers can now measure, manage and protect their yields directly from the Aerobotics platform.

Aerobotics is pioneering the use of computer vision for the precision farming of perennial crops. Over the past seven years, Aerobotics has collected perennial crop imagery from more than 400 thousand hectares with 200+ growers to identify 195 million+ plants.


Aerobotics is a subscription-based artificial intelligence (AI) company that provides intelligent tools for the agricultural industry to manage its crops.

Aerobotics, founded by James Paterson and Benji Meltzer in 2014, is a leader in the application of artificial intelligence in agriculture. The insights Aerobotics provides to its clients include tree counts, the identification of missing trees, and the size and health of trees.


As an important evolution of their tools for managing nutrition and irrigation, Aerobotics has launched a highly-anticipated tool for measuring and tracking yields. Their mobile app allows growers to capture yield information on the ground, helping to inform recommendations and important management decisions to achieve target yields.

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The latest yield product uses tree, vine, or bush performance metrics to set up representative sampling locations on the new yield management platform. In the field, growers and their teams are guided to each geo-referenced tree, vine, or bush using the app where yield counts and sizes are recorded digitally, before being extrapolated into variety and block-level reports on the platform.

With the latest fruit measurement and tracking tool, teams on the ground spend up to 75% less time collecting 10x more yield data by being efficiently guided to the most representative locations and leveraging the computer vision-enabled mobile application. Customers are already uploading thousands of images a week and usage has increased 15x over the last two months.

Paterson says, “One of our founding principles at Aerobotics is ‘farmers first’ and we’re very excited by the interest customers are showing in our approach to managing yield. As more and more growers look to agricultural technology to solve labor and input efficiency challenges, we’re helping our customers do more with less by understanding the impact of their limiting factors. By enabling control of production drivers like irrigation distribution uniformity and nutritional programs, we’re helping growers make data-driven decisions and achieve their target yields.”


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