Agrology Closes Capital Raised via Harvest Returns Platform

Virginia-based Agrology has announced that the company has successfully raised a seed round totaling $815,000 on the Harvest Returns agriculture crowdfunding platform.

Agrology is a fast-growing developer of predictive agriculture technologies to help growers maximize profits with minimal input costs and environmental impact. Founded in 2019, the company’s predictive agriculture platform combines proprietary, affordable sensor arrays with machine learning to provide actionable insights and trends via a mobile application.


This capital raise will fund research and development to allow Agrology to scale its business and expand its growth even more with the help of professional, full-time team members.

“Agrology offers a proprietary predictive agriculture platform that helps farmers get ahead of issues before they arise and optimize their resources in order to maximize yields,” said Emma Sagan, COO of Agrology. “Today we are focused on helping vineyards and specialty crops monitor and predict problems before they occur, which includes data on smoke taint from wildfires, nano-climates, regions, soil types, and weather patterns. We have big plans for the future and are thrilled to partner with Harvest Returns’ community of agriculture experts to raise the capital to help us grow.”


Agrology developed and patented a new approach to predictive agriculture. The Agrology system is based on machine learning, an Artificial Intelligence based method of data analysis that automates analytical models. The Agrology system learns from data, identifies patterns, and makes forecasts and recommendations. As more data comes in, the Agrology forecast capabilities become more robust, allowing the predictions and information to increase and advance. The company’s technology is significantly more affordable than competitors, so growers can install more sensors per block and gain insights at the nano-climate level.

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“Investors are increasingly asking us to find and offer AgTech private placements on our platform,” said Austin Maness, CEO of Harvest Returns. “The technology, the team, and the terms that Agrology presented checked every box we were looking for, making it a natural fit for the platform.”


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