Southern Africa: Digital Systems Provide Meaningful Way of Looking at Fruit

The fruit industry has become very complex with the amount of data available from packing and cooling facilities plus increasingly strict export regulations, according to FreshPlaza. “You have to be able to give simple answers to complex questions,” says Gerhard Nel, director at FarSoft Solutions, based in Southern Africa

The software and system development company, based in Wellington, aims to provide their clients — packhouses, cooling facilities and exporters — with answers in real-time to make better and quicker decisions about the product quality, packing, sales and logistics. These decisions eventually feed back into farm management.


“At the end of the day the aim is to sell and move fruit in an intelligent and efficient manner,” he notes.

“We’re well-positioned to process such info because of historical production data for each orchard, set against expenses, coupled with income from the market. You get a thorough overview of your expenses and returns on every cultivar and for every orchard.”


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