SupPlant Selected to the Best Inventions List By TIME for AI-Based Irrigation

SupPlant has been selected as one of the Best Inventions by TIME. SupPlant uses the largest plant sensing database in the world in order to provide climate adaptive irrigation regimes, insights, actions and practices based on AI to farmers, assisting them in their growing journey that has been highly affected by climate change. Recently, 500,000 female maize-growers in Kenya have been using SupPlant’s system.

SupPlant’s new sensor-less technology collects and analyzes hyperlocal climatic, plant, and irrigation data to help smallholders avoid crop failure. SupPlant offers extremely low-cost irrigation recommendations, weather forecast, and crop stress alerts, as well as AI-enabled agronomic guidance to make smallholders more resilient to climate change.


SupPlant, a leading Israeli smart irrigation company, aims to digitally inform every irrigation decision on earth. Most agritech companies only target 2% of the world’s growers, and ignore the 450M smallholder farmers worldwide. SupPlant grew 12X over the past 18 months by serving the traditional agritech market of corporate growers and recently announced $10M of growth capital to continue this trajectory. The company’s leadership and investors are focused on serving all types of growers to create a more sustainable world.

The TIME recognition comes amidst global warming world-wide impacting smallholder farmers who are dealing daily with the unpredicted climate that is changing rapidly and the constant lack of irrigation water. SupPlant is making their technology available to these vulnerable populations by changing the basic concept of irrigation methods. It is designed for the world’s 450M small growers, as 76% of farmers grow crops on less than 2 hectares. In 2022, SupPlant aims that over 2 Million smallholders in Africa and India will be utilizing its new technology.


“TIME has recognized SupPlant’s mission to change the future for farmers around the world that suffer from lack of water and food,” said Ori Ben Ner, SupPlant’s CEO. “The new sensor-less technology does not require investment in hardware, which allows access to farmers that haven’t dreamt of such technology until today. We must remember that most of the farmers in the world can not enjoy the amazing AgTech developments we have seen over the past few years. Our ability to grant them access to our technology is no less than dramatic news for them and the whole world.”

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