Bayer Continues to Invest in Precision Spraying

As demographics continue to shift and change labor markets around the world, Bayer is looking for technology solutions that can help replace manpower that applies its crop protection products.

Dr. Harald Printz, Bayer CropScience Japan’s president and representative director, along with his marketing and sales team, recently paid a visit to XAG’s headquarter to further strengthen the partnership between the two companies, according to a press release by XAG, a Chinese supplier of drones, precision spraying, remote sensing, agriculture AI, and Internet of Things (IoT).


XAG’s CEO Peng Bin and co-founder Justin Gong met with delegates from Bayer to orchestrate a blueprint for mutual business development while discussing how to build a sustainable agriculture ecosystem based on precision technologies for the Japanese market.

Bayer Continues to Invest in Precision Spraying

XAG and Bayer CropScience in Japan will together explore advanced chemical application via fully autonomous drones.

The background: In 2018, XAG signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Bayer CropScience K.K. to jointly promote the local application of agriculture unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and provide customized plant protection service to over 1.37 million farmers in Japan.


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What’s driving the news: Japan is facing an aging population, one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and a young population that is uninterested in farm-related jobs. As technology solutions improve by the day, it is becoming more feasible to replace significant segments of farm workers with new technologies, including fully autonomous drone spraying and UAS.

Why it matters: Precision application technology will transform the crop protection industry at some point. It will affect spray volumes, efficacy, and efficiency. The leaders in the crop production space are investing now into the knowledge and technologies needed to sustain their businesses through the shift to automation. As this dynamic unfolds, look for companies to become vertically integrated through partnerships like this or through wholesale acquisition of these precision spraying systems and the data that goes along with them.

Now with deepened cooperation, XAG and Bayer will focus on developing new technologies and new business patterns to achieve sustainable agriculture development in Japan and lay the foundation for new intelligent agriculture management systems.