Israeli Firm AgroScout Shows the Impact of AI and Robotics in Agriculture

Artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionizing the agriculture industry, according to Israeli innovation news site NoCamels. While the agriculture sector has had a number of groundbreaking achievements, or “revolutions,” over the last 100 years — from the debut of pesticides in the 1940s to precision agriculture and remote sensing in the 90s and 00s — in the present day, the introduction of AI, machine learning, robotics, and IoT has been a welcome addition to the modern farm.

Utilizing the power of AI and robotics, farmers can track the weather and locate pest infestations. They can ensure efficiency at their farms at lower costs, and, in the case of an Israeli crop intelligence solutions firm called AgroScout, collect data to monitor crop development in real-time.


AgroScout CEO Simcha Shore recently spoke of the impact of AI and robotics on traditional agriculture at the annual AI, Machine Vision, & Machine Learning conference last Wednesday. The conference was put together by New-Tech Events (part of New-Tech Magazines Group), an Israeli organizer of high-tech trade events, fairs, conventions, and exhibitions.

Shore’s company AgroScout has developed software that uses both AI and robotics to monitor crops in order to accurately plan processing and manufacturing operations. The solution also allows for quick and efficient detection of pets and disease, which could affect a field.

Read more at NoCamels.

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