‘Future of Food’ Panel Will Deliver Compelling Close to 2022 VISION Conference in January

We’ve finally put the finishing touches on the 2022 VISION Conference program, which is filled with two days of exceptional speakers, panelists, moderators, and content that will get you fully engaged to take on the new ag technology year. We hope to see many of you in Phoenix at the event, which will be held January 18-19.

Among many highlights will be the closing panel discussion on the “Future of Food,” highlighting two companies that are underpinning the connection between the farmer and the consumer. One is tomato producer NatureSweet, which is using consumer packaging to tell its story of sustainability, social responsibility, and best practices, and allows consumers to engage personally and directly with its in-the-greenhouse employees.


Also joining the panel is Christina Lampert, Director of Innovation at software as a service company HowGood. Alexander Gillett, HowGood CEO, shared some insight on how their work is allowing large food companies like Danone to make data-centric decisions about the ingredients they use in their consumer products.

“Our goal is to build a platform that allows large food corporations to look through all the data on the ingredients that go into making their products, and to see at a glance what the impact would be on changing formulations, ingredients, and sourcing,” says Gillett. “We want to help them solve problems without causing unintended tradeoffs in sustainability. They can see how any changes would impact factors like greenhouse gas emissions, water, labor, biodiversity, and more, and make better choices throughout the system.”


The HowGood database, called Latis, is undergoing constant updating and additions, including new partnerships to increase its robustness and widen its scope.

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If you’re attending The VISION Conference, you’ll want to ensure you stay for this compelling session as the conference comes to a close. Find out more about who’s attending here, and how to register here. For full conference information, visit www.thevisionconference.com.


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