Proagrica Launches Sirrus Suite to Extend Collaborative Agronomy Functions Across Devices

Proagrica has launched the Sirrus Suite of products for farmers and agronomists. This extends the functionality beyond iOS, to also include Android (currently available in Beta) and to a new web app. The Sirrus Suite manages in-field agronomy data including scouting, soil sampling, crop inputs, and harvest data, and is used by thousands of agronomists around the world.

Sirrus on iPhone.


The release of Sirrus Web marks a transition from Proagrica’s legacy desktop application, Summit. As all versions of the app sync data using the agX platform, interoperability across devices and users is  ensured. Therefore, collaboration is increased between agronomists and their customers, enabling them to work more efficiently.

Matt Waits, President, Ag Solutions at Proagrica says: “This next stage in the evolution of Sirrus is the most significant yet. By moving to a web-based application, we greatly enhance the user experience. Collaboration and flexibility are key; our customers can now access their data from any device, anywhere. This streamlined, frictionless approach enables customers to accomplish more in their day-to-day work and reduce the risk of user error.”

The Sirrus Suite allows growers and agronomists to upload, store, and share data easily. It provides seamless access to data to improve workflows from planning to execution across stakeholders.


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Other functionality includes tracking work orders; updating completed jobs; importing machinery data; and the ability to make quick substitutions as necessary in response to unexpected disruptions, such as shifts in the weather or inventory.

Agronomists will also be able to tap into Proagrica’s FarmRite service to create crop input recommendations, make edits to fertilizer, seed and pesticide recommendations, and share their reports and shapefiles with applicators and growers.

Matt Waits concludes: “The Sirrus Suite gives customers full oversight of their data and removes the bottlenecks to successful collaboration. This helps build relationships between agronomists and their clients that are founded on trust and transparency.

“As we look to the future for Sirrus, Proagrica’s acquisition of compliance firm CDMS earlier this year sets the stage for further enhanced value. Today we are delivering pesticide labels to our Sirrus customers, but in the near future we will bring compliance functions into Sirrus, via the CDMS label checking service, in order to ensure agronomists are making on-label recommendations.”

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