Advantage Agtech: Why the Farm-to-Table Agriculture Model Is Winning

The farm to table model of agriculture is inviting all kinds of technology into agtech, writes Navanwita Bora Sachdev at The Tech Panda.

A lot of technology is entering the agtech sector, and this doesn’t mean only seed analysis, soil scrutiny, and crop scan. The entire ecosystem is involved right from the farmer who plants the crop to the consumer who finally consumes it.


Recently, John Deere declared it will begin commercial delivery this year of technology that lets a tractor till a field without an operator in the cab, a first for the top North American tractor manufacturer after years of effort to automate farm work.

This kind of progress occurs when the consumer demands better service and is willing to pay for it. The Tech Panda asked four agtech experts how farm-to-table agriculture has become more in demand now and how tech is helping in it.

Amit Sinha, Co-Founder, Unnati, says that the drift towards a healthier lifestyle has made farm to table agriculture popular.

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“The time for food products to reach the end consumer is dramatically decreased ensuring high quality fresh food, rich in nutrients. This also supports the local farming community and regional economies,” he says.

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